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Melissa Mauro, MD is a board-certified internist who combines cutting-edge scientific knowledge and mind-body medicine to help her clients become the very best version of themselves in every dimension -body, mind, spirit, and soul. Hence the name - Whole Health Dimensions. 


Dr. Mauro applies the principles of functional and lifestyle medicine to bring the body and mind back into balance and creates a personalized treatment plan for every client based on their unique needs. Her vision is to not only restore physical health but to facilitate complete personal transformation so that people can experience true joy, peace, and self-love. As a result, they will then be able to pursue their wildest dreams and share their unique gifts with the world unhindered by the burden of a sick body or mind. Illness dims the light of creativity and joy. Dr. Mauro listens with empathy and supports her patients in continued growth no matter where they are in their journeys and however long it takes with one goal in mind: achieving wholeness. 


Dr. Mauro was born and raised in Malaysia and graduated from Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy, Russia where she earned her MD degree. She completed a rigorous residency training program in Internal Medicine at Morristown Medical Center and subsequently became board-certified in Internal Medicine. She has extensive experience in acute care medicine having worked as a hospitalist in New Jersey, North Dakota, and at the Mayo Clinic in MN. 

Dr. Mauro also volunteers regularly at Free Clinic Newton in Sussex County providing free medical care to the uninsured. She has also received training in functional medicine from A4M and IFM and is currently learning mind-body medicine techniques and is excited to add more tools to her growing toolbox. For Dr. Mauro, learning is a lifelong process. 


In her free time, Dr. Mauro loves reading, traveling, gardening, spiritual discourses, yoga, meditation, cooking, and spending time with her family.

When the owl shows up in your life, pay attention to the winds of change. Perhaps you are about to leave some old habits, a situation that no longer serves you or brings something new in your life. 

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