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It really does take a village...

Check out my “Circle of Health” partners. Listed below are my trusted go-to professionals for the aspects of healing that go beyond the physical body and also support services that help you stay on track. Some of the services may overlap but each is unique in helping you achieve and maintain your health and wellness goals. 

Whole Health Dimensions is a part of The Center For Integrative Healing.

Click here to meet the team & check out our upcoming calendar of events.

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Dr. Tedi Zeng DACM, L.Ac, MD (China)

Cell: 908- 963 1072

Address: 248 Main St. Chatham, NJ


Debra Lilley 

Hypnotherapy and Integrative Healing

Cell: 973- 598 5977

Address: 248 Main St. Chatham, NJ


Mike Schmidt 
Integrative Healing, Hypnosis and Qi gong
Cell: 908-803-2077
Address: 248 Main St. Chatham, NJ


Beth Karpowic
Cell: 201- 572 6451
Address: 248 Main St. Chatham, NJ

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Holistic and Functional Nutritionist 
Ellen Petrosino RDN
Holistic and Functional Nutritionist
Cell: 973 210 5853 Office: 908 234 1160

 *Provides much-needed guidance in the implementation and maintenance of a healing nutrition plan.

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