WHOLE HEALTH DIMENSIONS was created to provide compassionate relationship-based care that focuses on YOU at the center of this therapeutic relationship and prioritizes getting to the root cause of your health concerns and guiding you gently towards optimal health and vitality...all while having fun on the journey together. My goal is to guide and empower you with the knowledge, awareness, and skills to keep yourself healthy for the rest of your life.


The policies below provide structure and clarity surrounding the doctor-patient relationship. Please read through each policy carefully before taking the next step with us.

Office Policies


These will only be discussed and addressed during a scheduled visit so that the necessary time and attention can be set aside for these tasks. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have enough refills to carry you through to your next appointment. Dr. Mauro will not be doing “emergency” refills or pharmacy calls on short notice. If this request is made and cannot wait until your next appointment, please know that you will be charged a fee for this extra service outside of an appointment.


WHD does not participate with any private insurances, Medicare, or Medicaid. We chose this financial structure to avoid the pitfalls of time constraints, roadblocks, and excessive administrative burdens that accompany insurance/Medicare/Medicaid contracts that would negatively impact and divert precious time away from the doctor-patient relationship. We will be happy to provide you with a superbill if you have out of network benefits and want to submit it to your insurance company for reimbursement. Note: Dr. Mauro is not able to see Medicare patients (on a cash basis) yet but patients can be added to a waiting list and will be notified as soon as this changes.


Fees for the initial consultation, packages, and membership must be paid directly by the patient either by cash, check, or credit card when booking the consultation or signing up for any package or membership. Your credit/debit card information will be saved securely for recurring payments. We are excited to announce that we will be accepting payment in Bitcoin as well. Email us for more details!


We use labs such as Quest, Labcorp, and Accureference for basic and some advanced lab testing which is usually covered under most insurances. That being said, you are still responsible for finding out ahead of time if any testing ordered will be covered if you are concerned about this. This can be done by calling your insurance company with the lab order and diagnosis codes which we can provide you before getting the tests done.
If specialized lab testing is needed, this will be discussed with you ahead of time and you will be made aware of the cash pricing of the suggested tests so that you can decide if you’d like to proceed. Usually, these tests are not covered by insurance, and paying cash would be the cheapest option. Fees for these labs are paid directly to the lab company. Dr. Mauro will only be ordering them but is not involved in the payment process. WHD is currently working on securing discounted rates for imaging for patients without insurance or who have high deductibles or those who prefer to pay cash for imaging.


Patients will now have the option of selecting Dr. Mauro as their primary care physician. This means that they would sign up for the membership which includes ongoing holistic care with a personalized plan for chronic health conditions and in addition, patients will be able to see Dr. Mauro for sick visits as needed. Through the membership, patients will have access to Dr. Mauro via the patient portal for any questions or concerns. Patients who are on a general membership who are not Dr. Mauro’s primary care patients will need to maintain their own primary physician for sick care and prescriptions etc. Dr. Mauro will only act as a consultant for the holistic lifestyle/functional medicine care in this case.


Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice and missed appointments will incur a penalty fee of $50 to account for the time spent preparing for your visit and also the slot that could have been reassigned to another patient waiting for an appointment if sufficient notification was received of the cancellation.
If a true emergency arises and you cannot keep your appointment and have to cancel within 24 hours, then discuss this with Dr. Mauro and in select situations, the fee may be waived.


Patients who have signed up for a package or membership will be able to communicate with Dr. Mauro conveniently through the secure patient portal for non-urgent questions, uploading documents, sending feedback, clarification of the plan, or even reporting their wins for the week. Dr. Mauro loves staying in touch with you and being kept updated on your progress.
Patients will also be able to contact Dr. Mauro by text message or phone call on her work cell phone if an urgent need arises. Personal details or sensitive medical information should not be included in text or email since it is not HIPAA secure. Non-urgent inquiries on the patient portal will receive a response within minutes to 48 hours. If these inquiries are received on the weekend or public holiday when the office is closed, then they will be responded to on the next business day. Text messages or phone calls should be reserved only for emergencies or urgent situations where time is of the essence.