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"Dr. Mauro is one of the most compassionate doctors I have ever met. She truly cares for her patients and puts in a lot time.  I have been to many doctors and have had many illnesses. I have spent too much time in the hospital trying to stay alive. If it wasn’t for Dr. Mauro I may not be here to write this review.  Dr. Mauro opened my eyes to what my life could be. I have been working with her for a little over a year and it’s been great! She is always looking for ways to get me healthier. I have lost 60 lbs, dropped a bunch of medications and I’m able to do all the things I LOVE! So at 60 I’m able to hike, bike and play with my 4 grandchildren on the trampoline. I have my life back!  The hardest part of working with Dr Mauro for me was the new way of eating. Now I can go to any restaurant and work the menu in my favor.  Working with Dr Mauro has been the best decision!"

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"I highly recommend Dr. Mauro’s Whole Health Dimensions practice. She is a rare find - a medical doctor who incorporates a very personal touch to her practice along with nutrition, lifestyle, detox, and a mind/body approach. Dr. Mauro really listens and cares! I first found her through a class she was leading at Living Plate in Far Hills, and I’m so grateful for the healthy living guidance she’s provided."

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"I've been seeing Dr. Mauro for 2 years now, she is the best primary doctor I've ever had. She is always very professional, caring, passionate, knowledgeable and more, she's always made me feel welcome and cared for. Aside from being taken care of medically with medication and lab tests, she has always taken the time to answer all of my questions, and offer solutions to approach my health from natural and holistic way through diet/nutrition and spiritual healing. Dr Mauro has made the decision to recommend her to anyone an easy one, I would recommend her to anyone without a second thought."

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"From the first meeting with Dr Mauro I knew I was in good hands. She has a very different approach than most doctors. I loved that she took the time to get know me and how my body was currently reacting to my everyday routines. Although I thought I ate pretty healthy I was eating all the wrong foods for my body to function efficiently. Within 1month I quickly learned how Inflamed my body was from the food choices i was making. Within 2months I felt like a new person. I would highly recommend working with Dr Mauro. She truly cares and will help you on the path to feeling your best self."


After many years of suffering with chronic pain and seeing numerous medical professionals, Dr. Mauro has successfully put me on the path of a pain free healthier lifestyle through diet, nutrition, mindfulness and insight. She genuinely cares and takes the time to listen as well as ask the right questions. Once I started her food plan, the extra pounds I struggled with for years, came off easily. Through our progress and her infinite wisdom, I have learned to be more disciplined and have a better understanding of the source of my pain. I am so thankful for Dr. Mauro and I highly recommend her.

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